Musicman: Brian Doser

Schedule Craziness!

Hey everyone!

Some schedule things to mention.

First, I will be away on a few Fridays between now and well into next Spring so PLEASE check my website before heading out! (Unfortunately the "work" thing gets in the way!)

I am adding Wednesdays to the mix at the Community House, so if you're free that morning as well drop on by! They will also not be every week, but more consistent than Fridays for a while.

We are kicking it off with next Wednesday being our first! It seems perfect, being the day before Thanksgiving and all!

So, see you soon! (and I apologize in advance if you happen to show up on a day I am gone!)

Thank you for the wonderful support (both financial and emotional) you have given me in the last few months. I so love to sing for the little ones!

Be well,