Musicman: Brian Doser

Thank you and a request!

Another quick note to thank all of you for the record attendances we've had at both the Community House and Zumi's! It energizes me every time I see so many children laughing and dancing around. I'd like to think it's my incredible version of Rockin Robin that brings you all there, but perhaps it's the mid winter doldrums and the need to get out!

One important request; the parking lot next to the Community House is part of the doctor's offices behind the building.

Parking for Thursdays should be in the lot next to the basketball courts, or the lot in front of the Fire Station on the other side. People arriving for Doctor's visits have not been able to park and they have asked that we do everything we can to not use these spaces.

I understand from my own family how it is to get the stroller out and cart them across a distance, and I appreciate all your efforts to get there to see me!

I can't believe the incredible support you have given me this year! Thank you again!