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Musicman: Brian Doser

child dancing inside

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone

It's been a while since an update!

The pandemic turned out to be a lesson in performing virtually. My daughter and I performed over 250 live shows and it really helped keep sanity through those early days. I was blessed to have Venmo and Paypal supporters that kept it manageable.

I am still playing regularly for the little ones. I did take some time this year to have a vacation or two, but I am right back at it! If you know of a North SHore Pre-K looking for entertainment, send them my way!

Check my Facebook page out for the most up to date times and any last minute cancellations! musicmanbriandoser

Or, if you've listened to me online and would like to contribute to the musician's life it is Venmo or Paypal musicmanbriandoser   (see the theme here?) :)

Weekly Shows with the Music Man!

Wednesdays Live on Facebook and Youtube at 10am!

Bring your instruments and play along

Join Music Man Brian Doser every Wednesday at 10am for an hour of music and fun! Shoutouts and birthdays every day!

Admission is on the honor system! Spread the word!

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