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Another Spring Renewal!

First off- I am looking for a Friday replacement venue asap. We'll be trying Tuesdays 3 pm at the Tea House a few times this month to see how it works. Some people have emailed with great ideas about other venues and I will let you all know when I lock something in.

It's been kind of a cathartic time around the Doser household lately. We lost one of our dogs on Easter Sunday. There's been an adjustment to living in our renovated space, and always that last list of 'things to do' to really make it feel like home again. My laptop drive crashed the same day of the dog passing and of course the last backup was in December, so all my my freelance contacts and correspondence is out the window. All of our many pictures from the digital camera are doubly backed up some I'm thankful for that.


it's time to enjoy the spring and to start anew. There will be another Friday venue soon. We will finish our renovation completely and have a big yard sale with the leftovers. I will get a new drive and rebuild my laptop (cleaning out a lot of junk in the process I'm sure). We still have a wonderful dog and two cats, and the babies are healthy. There will be a new disc coming.

What more could we ask for?

Be well,



April 2008

Monday, April 7th4:00 pm


Ipswich, MA 01938-2213 USA


Call (978) 356-1988 for more details

Tuesday, April 8th3:00 pm

***New Day and Time!!***

The Wenham Tea House

Wenham, MA 01984 US


Sunday, April 13th


Birthday Party

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