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Musicman: Brian Doser


All of my updates seem to revolve around changes in the weather or the season.

What a great summer we had around our house. We squeaked a few vacations in, and I managed to stay busy performing. This fall brings some work out of town, so stay tuned for the occasional cancellation in the Friday schedule.

I am looking for ward to being back next week. It invigorates me to see all of you again and reminds me of why I have so much fun playing this music.

I'd like to thank everyone for the parties and mother's groups gatherings that I've been asked to perform at. This year has brought a change to our household income and every bit coming in has been really helpful.

I have about 9 songs done for another disc. I plan to get on the last few to have it all out by mid to late October. Thanks for the support and inquiries on that.

Off to change a diaper!


updated: 14 years ago