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Musicman: Brian Doser

Spring 09 Update!

Spring 09 Update
I am so ready for the leaves to burst out! This winter seems to have hung out longer than it should.

Thanks to everyone for the support this year. The Wednesdays at the Community House continue to grow and soon the construction will be done and the doors will be open again. I appreciate the commitment the Comm House has to making sure there will entertainment every Wednesday during my somewhat erratic travel schedule that I have had.

Mondays at Zumie's should be moving to the back deck soon. Bobbish and the crew are going to miss singing along every week! Please help support them during the week. For those of you who haven't been it is the best ice cream, and by far the best coffee on the North Shore.

I am working on the next CD as we speak. I appreciate your support in the cd and online purchases and hope to have the new stuff out soon. If you have any suggestions for new song material please feel free to drop me an email.

I do have songs posted on myspace at

I am on Facebook and plan to post some other material there soon as well!

I think that's about it for now! Be well!


updated: 13 years ago